Review – Jam – Yahtzee Croshaw


Hello Internet. Welcome back for Review #4. This time, I look at a book which I can surely raise a large glass of drink to, by an author who is more well known for his YouTube videos than his books, Yahtzee Croshaw.

In a world where the apocalypse has come in the form of three feet of fruit-scented preserve, the average person does not expect a heavy, weighed-down storyline. And of course, YouTuber-turned-novelist Yahtzee Croshaw delivers none of this. Jam is a morbidly funny and knowingly witty serious-style-of-writing-meets-absurd-prepositions romp through (and I kid you not) a Brisbane City where the entire floor is covered in about a metre of man-eating strawberry jam.

The author is in the same vein of that of Douglas Adams, in where he takes ordinary, workaday characters and throws not only weird but harebrained and wacky prepositions at them and judges the result in a fabulously realistic fashion which you can’t help but accept. Corporate businessmen who organise a hostile takeover of a plastic-bag-people settlement in the shopping district? Sure! Those same stupidly overworked and bureaucratic pencil-pushers holding a committee to discuss the mass murder of sacrifices to forestall the oncoming person-consuming berry compote? Okay!

The characters (which as all know in a typical comedy are stylised and stereotypical) are, well, perhaps still somewhat crazy, but at least are rational enough in most of their actions that you would go, “Oh, I would do the same thing in that scenario if I ever encountered (say) a cult of garbage-bag-wearing *shiver* ironic *shiver* seed-containing-spread-dwellers who follow a deranged janitor”.

All in all Jam is a light hearted and knee-slappingly funny take on a genre that is so overworked it’s arthritic fingers bleed when you tell it to type that last page. A much needed breath of fresh air if you ask me. Well, I’m off to have some… peanut butter… on toast. Don’t think I’m up to the conserve after that submerged glass scene.

Jam was published in 2012 by Dark Horse Books. It can be found on Amazon here.

Yours: J.M. Pear

Review – Jam – Yahtzee Croshaw