Review – Dark Heavens (the Emma Donahoe Saga) – Kylie Chan

White Tiger

Hello Internet. Welcome back for Review #12. This time around, I’m reviewing a series which has the honor of being one of my few favorite book series ever written.

Ah, Kylie Chan. The mother of long-running fiction series, and the person whose comforting bosom we come running back to when faced with writing ineptitude. And who hasn’t found comfort in her many literary novels? With her epic saga coming to a climactic close, she’s written more novels than I have fingers. Well, if you count the spinoffs. And due to the fact she targets a large demographic, you can find anything in her books. Action, adventure, mythology, romance, character development, major character deaths [or at least brutal maiming. I mean, look how much shit Leo has to deal with!] and even parental strategy [Simone, yeah that’s right. You’re a difficult kid]. No, I’m not even kidding.

Normally, if an author ever attempted this kind of thing, they would cock it up more than Tyler Durden’s home movies in Fight Club. However, with Kylie Chan’s books, it doesn’t even seem forced or rushed. Which is probably right, as most of the books take about two years to write. That can really annoy a guy, you know. Not to mention the gap between the Dark Heavens series and the Journey to Wudang series. I mean, come on! Does it honestly take 6 years to perfect a sequel series? Grr. All work and no new books makes Jester a dull boy.

But, to quote Linkin Park, in the end, it doesn’t even matter. The stories are well written, and the style is beautiful and seamless. Not at one time do the characters feel out-of-character, and for a series this long that is a huge feat. The action blends in brilliantly with the romance and politics, and the plots are simple enough to follow without needing a whiteboard and a degree in mathematics while complex enough to show more than two dimensions of the characters. Kylie Chan has probably achieved the writing version of the Tao, because these books are one of the few (actually probably the only) series that when I do find the next book, I drop everything and read it. Everything. I am literally forbidden to enter that fiction section of my library with fragile things in my possession.

Now, as we all know this is that part of the review where I talk about the bad things in this series. The annoying little details which I find so much pleasure in picking apart and relishing with a tall glass of lightly sparkling water with a slice of lemon sticking out of the top while looking out at the sunset. But for this book series the glass was small and had a leak, the lemon was too sour and it was well overcast. There just isn’t enough bad with it to constitute a whole paragraph. So I created an overly complex metaphor and filled it with that instead. Enjoy.

Dark Heaven’s first book, White Tiger, was published in 2006 by Harper Collins Voyager. It can be found on Amazon here.

Yours: J.M. Pear

Review – Dark Heavens (the Emma Donahoe Saga) – Kylie Chan

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