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Hello Internet. Welcome back for Teaser #3. And a series which I have not re-read in a long time, H.I.V.E. And yes, to continue a trend, more third-person sci-fi swill.

<<Encrypting communication link…>>

[input_connect user=“mNero”]

[input_connect user= “nRaven”]

mN: Natalya. I assume you have acquired the boy?

nR: He is in the plane now.

mN: Excellent, Natalya. I had faith in your abilities. Do be careful with him, he is… important.

nR: Yes sir. We are on the way to retrieve the Fanchu boy. I have read his file. He may be problematic to aquire in the same way.

mN: I am sure you will know what to do when the time comes.

nR: I still have a bad feeling about him. Why is Malpense so important?

mN: Have you seen the news lately, Natalya?

nR: No.

mN: Check it tonight. He caused quite a fuss for the British Prime Minister.

nR: Sir, do you ever wonder if what we do is right?

mN: Right? Natalya, what we do is necessary. What do you think would happen to these children if we were not to step in and help them achieve their full potential? They would be simple rogues, purposeless, fighting against a machine which they will never change. But with our guidance? They become fully-fledged leaders, people able to change the world. We help them realise their full potential, that’s all.

nR: But we take them from their families, their lives…

mN: A necessary evil. An indoctrination to the life of a villain, if you will. We don’t remove their families, we free them. Show them what they can achieve without them.

nR: You do know best, sir.

mN: Now, I must go. Speeches to prepare. I do love a good monologue.

<<Link lost>>

HIVE was published in 2006 by Bloomsbury. It can be found on Amazon here.

Yours: J.M. Pear

Teaser – H.I.V.E. – Mark Walden