Hiatus (And Refreshments!)

Hello Internet.

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary organic beings and everyone else on the internet who does not fall into those few (and rather broad) categories, I am sorry to say I will be leaving this site. Well, OK, it’ll only be for another two months and then I’ll be back in the saddle and raring to get some new reviews off my rather small, weedy and pale chest, restocked with plentiful ammunition against the worst that the literary world has to offer (and, thanks to an alarming trend which is happening a lot lately, the best of it).

But wait! I am not nearly going to leave this poor, old website on hiatus for two months like some long-forgotten webcomic project abandoned by its author after a creator mood swing! What will there be to allow my wonderful readers (and all the other ones too I suppose) to entertain themselves with? Am I simply going to leave a blankly non-updating feed on my poor, rejected little site? No! I shall not!

As you will clearly not know, my… erm… handler is a writer of fiction stories. Many, many fiction stories which he is very proud of to a ridiculous degree, and is more than happy to let his work fill these hallowed halls which are my website.

<<Hello! I’m Joe, and I talk in less-than more-than brackets and bold. I’m the voice behind Jester’s mouth. He talks for me, sometimes, and he writes these reviews.>>

Ah, there he is. Well, one of the few things which troubles me is that I am not a freely unbound spirit of the fourth dimension. I actually have (<<Share, really.>>) a body, one which goes around and does things whilst I toddle off until it’s time to feed out another review or break down a book into mulch. He lives, and has friends and generally isn’t an arse all the time.

But he is fed up with me. So, over the Christmastime holidays and until I am needed again (while I drive Joe insane with my pestering and demanding to be fed more books), I will be a recluse. And Joe will post his stories! That deserves an exclamation mark, right?

<<Right. So look out, guys, I’ll be posting these on the site soon and spread over the Christmas months (December-January) and hopefully Jester will be back in February.>>

Goodbye Internet!

Yours: J.M. Pear


Hiatus (And Refreshments!)

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