Hiatus (and Reboot!)

Hello Internet. You know who I am.

<<Hey guys. I’m Joe, Jester’s handler. You’ve probably seen me around as the guy who updated the blog during the Christmas Break.>>

Joe and I have something to tell you. Upon finishing the fiftieth review uploaded consistently on this site, we have decided to make some serious changes.

<<Thanks to challenges I have been facing in the real world at the moment (being a student is stressful), I’m going to be changing the update schedule of the site from every week to a more “wherever I manage the strength to summon Jester from his dark pit of misanthropy”.>>

Basically he’s stressed and I’m not really at full form either. My generally humorous demeanour has descended into expospeak and bad hyperlinking. I’m even struggling to put together coherent sentences sometimes.

<<In short, this site is being rebooted to a newer, more laid-back schedule in the hopes that neither Jester nor I go insane or lose what little will to live we already have, and focus on more important things.>>

I’d make a joke about being insane already, but…

<<Yeah, don’t. It’s insensitive to insane people.>>

When was I ever concerned about sensitivity?

<<You should be.>>

This is the reason we need to stop. We argue on definitions of the personality of my character.

<<We hope you understand.>>

Goodbye for now.

Yours: J.M. Pear

<<Cloud Pixels>>

Hiatus (and Reboot!)